I love the word “thinspiration”.  I know it has unhealthy connotations, being connected to the “ana” movement, but I’m going to hijack it and use it for my own purposes…because sometimes (when you’ve just had candy for breakfast!), you need a reminder that “nothing tastes as good as thin feels”.  But not only that, I like to use “thinspiration” as any quote that reminds me why I want to lose weight, live a better life, etc.  Yahoo! 

Without further ado:

“Your failures. Your successes. Regardless which has prevailed to this point, they provide the context for your past. That’s it. . . Today is your lab. Your studio. Your canvas. Create what you will, but do it with purpose and intention. Let not your… past trick you into believing that today is like any other day.”  (


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